Infigen Energy Sponsorships

We sponsor community projects in the regions around our operating wind farms and proposed development projects. Where possible, we have formed sponsorship committees of local community members.

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    Tell us about your project by giving details of the community project plan in the application below

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    Committee review

    All applications are reviewed by sponsorship committees

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    Decision & funding

    Committee’s decision is communicated to all applicants, and funds transferred to successful applicants

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    Project & review

    Launch of your project and evaluation

Project applications

A successful application should:

  • State which social, environmental or economic benefits the project would bring to the community
  • Detail the project plan (e.g. event budget, timeline, communication plan, fundraising target)
  • Be relevant to the community fund target


The sponsorship committees reserve a right not to approve funding, if the project:

  • Is salary, remuneration, or profit based
  • Is for a single person
  • Is religious or political in nature
  • Requires ongoing funding for continuity
  • Supports beauty pageants or similar contests
  • Provides gambling or games of chance
  • Does not reflect community standards
  • Promotes and requires the use of weapons
  • Denigrates, excludes or offends minority groups
  • Is not environment-friendly


  • Should have a proven track record of achievement and sound project management
  • Be socially and environmentally responsible


Committees review applications four times a year in: March, June, September and December. Quarterly application due dates are: 28 February, 31 May, 30 August and 30 November.


There are three areas of project evaluation:

  1. Assessment of project completion to the plan and effect in the community
  2. Allocation of sponsor funding; and reaching of fundraising targets, if applicable
  3. Extent of communication  and acknowledgement of sponsors